Sunday, June 12, 2011

Smokey the Bear

I've been researching Smokey the Bear.  Who is Smokey the Bear?  Smokey was created as a logo in the year of 1944 to prevent forest fires. Since then he has become a larger symbol for protecting the environment.  Albert Staehle an artist for a magazine drew a picture of a bear cub in a ranger's hat and belt.  He was named after Smokey Joe Ryan a well known fire chief of that time. But Smokey the Bear is more than a cartoon.  In 1950 a black bear cub was badly burned in a forest fire. Smokey was nursed back to health in a ranger station.  When he healed he was flown to a zoo in Washington D.C.  Smokey the bear died in the year of 1976. A  fun and educational website for me is :  Remember, only you can prevent forest fires!