Sunday, February 19, 2012

District Food Show

When I went to district with my Applesauce Oat muffins , I won 1st place. There were 10 to 15 people that had won at their county  and moved on to District I competed against them and won First place with a perfect score. Also, I entered Ag  Id which is a new 4H contest where you have to identify agricultural
products from Texas and know information about them I won 1st place in that too. To find out more about the food show click here .

4-H Photography

Each year 4-H has a Photography Contest and my sister and I both entered it this year. After looking through hundreds of pictures that I took I found these. The hard part about the photo contest is you can only enter one picture per category so I wasn't able to enter all of mine. These are the pictures I entered. Which one is your favorite? 

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Tyler Post office

My Mom organized a field trip to the Tyler Main Post Office on Martin Luther King Blvd. During the tour, I learned that each of the mail carriers get up at 4o'clock in the morning and leave at 7p.m. When the mail carriers get there, they have this orange cart with mixed mail from their route that they sort by putting the mail in little boxes in an area like a cubical. Once they get all of the mail sorted, they take it to their vehicle to deliver it to peoples' mail boxes. The strangest item they have delivered was a snake. When they receive chickens in spring they keep them from crowing by putting them in a dark room. I also, learned that they've raised the price of stamps up to 45 cents. I had a good time and learned a lot of information. My Mom found a Postal Pack which had lots of information about the history of the post office. I learned a lot and had a good time. 

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Veterinary Science Program

I'm in my county's 4-H Veterinary Science Program. Which is a 5 year curriculum-based program that includes 100 lessons and 50 activities to get kids interested in veterinary medicine with the opportunity to work with professionals in the field. In the program you can get to tour veterinarian's practices, after you tour the vet's office you have to write a report about what you learned and answer some questions. If you want to read my report about are tour to Morton Small Animal Clinic read on.

        Our tour to Morton’s Small Animal Clinic.
              During our tour to Morton’s Small Animal Clinic, I learned about the different rooms in a small animal practice. The first room we saw was the waiting room.   They had separated the room in half one side for dogs and the other side for cats. They had a scale on the dog side so they could weigh the dogs when they came in. Second, we saw the examination rooms where the veterinarians and the veterinarian assistants would treat the animals for illnesses and give check-ups.          They had two rooms for dogs and two for cats. In the first dog room, the exam table could lower and raise heavy dogs. Also, we saw the otoscope for checking the ears, the ophthalmoscope for checking the eyes, a stethoscope and the thermometer for taking the temperature. Then, we went to a hallway that was connected to the exam rooms so the vet could easily enter them. Also they keep medicines here in the cabinets.
   Next, Mrs. Vicki took us to see the kennels where they keep patients and boarders. The first room had small cages, which they keep small dogs and cats in. In the big kennel there were bigger cages for big dogs. If you wanted to board your dog you would have to make sure your dog was up to date on his shots. The staff walks each dog twice daily, they check to see if your dog has fresh food and water. Then, we toured the X-ray room where the veterinarian Dr. Morton Jr. taught us about X-rays. We got to see an X-ray of a dog who had got stepped on by a horse.  X-rays are important because they help the vets see where the animal broke or fractured a bone. Next, we got to see the surgery room. After they told us a little information about the surgeries that they perform, I found out that they do around four surgeries a day. I also learned that there most unusual patients were a pet tiger, and a fish from the Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center. Lastly, we went and heard Dr. Morton Jr. tell us how he became a vet. Before we left we got a bag with pamphlets and dog treats in it. I had a great time and enjoyed the tour.

BY Christopher 

4-H Food Show

On January 20 my brother, sister and I went to the county 4-H Food Show. The 4-H Food Show is where you prepare a healthy dish. Which would fall unto one of these groups, Main Dish, Breads and Cereals, Nutritional Snacks, and Fruits and Vegetables? The dish I made was Applesauce Oat muffins so it would be in the Breads and Cereals class. Each person enters one dish in a category and gets 2,5or 7 minutes to tell the judge how your dish is nutritional for you. Then the judge will ask you some questions such as how many calories are in your food, your 4-H leadership that you have done; and if you could substitute any ingredient in your recipe. After everyone was done getting judged, we received our ribbons. My sister and I both received first place so we will go on to District.