Thursday, April 26, 2012

Our dog Max

Max as a puppy.
 We got our dog Max at Canton Trade Days (which is a flea market) in the animal area. We weren't looking for a dog.We were there getting rabbit cages for our rabbits, when we were leaving a man came and asked if we wanted a puppy. He showed us a pen where he had Max and other puppies penned. While Dad was coming ( he had fallen behind), Mom had picked   Max up and was walking to the car. A few minutes later, we were at Walmart buying puppy food, a collar and a new food bowl. One of our neighbors had told us that if the people at Canton Trade Days couldn't sell or give the dogs away they would  drop them of by the side of the road.

Now almost a year later, I was bathing Max to prepare him for the 4-H Dog o' Rama which is where you bring  your dog and trainers show you and your dog how to do skills needed to show your dog. The classes included Rally, Obedience, Showmanship,and Agility. Max got into a fight with another dog, so I got to use one of the trainers' dogs. One of them was a Schnauzer mix. It was hard to do showmanship with it, because it was little and you had to kneel down to set it up. The other dog was a Shetland Sheep dog named Bubba. It was super easy to do agility with it because it was already trained. In between classes, there were individuation classes where you had to name dog breeds and items used for
showing dogs. I had a great time and look forward to
doing it again. 

Monday, April 23, 2012

Henderson County Livestock Show

    April ninth to the fourteenth has been the Henderson County Livestock show. Here at the Livestock show I showed several of my animals and projects which I've been working most of the year on. April tenth we brought all of the animals we were showing (we didn't bring the broilers as they came another day). After we got all of the animals in their pens with food, water, and bedding we went to look at the other chickens, goats, and lambs. 

The next day when we were done with taking care of the animals my sister and I along with our friends showed goats. I got DEAD last with Houdini (because he didn't weigh enough). But I got fourth place in my class with Rusty. My sister did pretty good with her goat Hearts also. Then we went to look at the rabbits we ended up taking two of the Grand champion wining rabbit’s babies’ home. That night we got to see the results of how our projects did. I got two red ribbons, nine blue ribbons, four best of selection ribbons, and two best of show ribbons.

The next day after taking care of our animals, we showed our broilers. I made the second cut but then I lost. There were tons of broilers this year. Soon as the broilers judging was over, the poultry judge started his judging. Then, we looked at the rabbits again and bought two more rabbits. After that we ran and brought all of the projects home that we weren't selling. Next, we went back and saw how I did with my chickens. I got Reserve Grand Champion for my breeding poultry, Reserve Grand Champion for my quail, first place with my bantam rooster, and third & fifth with my bantam hens. Lastly, I got second place with my large hen. 
Then, after everything we went to help get the projects that people were selling ready for the auction. After hours of waiting, (we were on one of the last pages) my sister and I auctioned of our items. I ended up selling my cactus planter to a man who owns one of the feed stores that we use for three hundred and  seventy-five dollars. I sold my cross mosaic picture for thirty-five dollars. Then after feeding the animals we went home.

The following day, after feeding the animals their breakfast we had to sadly take Houdini and Hearts to the floor which means I had to sell him to a meat processor it was extremely sad. Then I sold my quail to a man who said he was going to release them. After that, we met some of Andrews’s friends that we haven't seen in a long time. Next, we showed them around and when the tour was over we ate lunch. To end the day I sold my goat rusty for six hundred dollars plus add-ons. Lastly, we took our animals that we have left home. 


Saturday, April 7, 2012


This morning I built this super cool Deep sea fish Lego which I got from my cousins. The fish is a creator Lego which means it can be made into different things. The things you can build with it besides the deep sea fish are a dinosaur and an alligator . It was one of the easier Lego items to build because it’s smaller. The hardest was the alligator because he is the biggest. The deep sea fish is one of my favorites to build out of all of them because I can use it with my Lego boats and light house. One reason why I don't like it is because you can only build one thing at a time since there aren't enough pieces to build all of them. Out of one to ten I'd give them an eight.