Saturday, January 18, 2014


For Christmas, I received a 4-D cow anatomy kit which I put together yesterday. I was really pleased with the finished product, but one of the pieces broke off and the instructions were very hard to read. What I did like about the model was that it explained the function of each piece and was highly detailed. The booklet had a few pages of information and then a mini test to take to see what you learned. 

For a quick farm update six of our cows calved. Four of the calves are bulls that will soon become steers (steers are male cattle that can't be fathers) and three are heifers. One of our oldest cows had twins this year, this is good because it made up for a calf that had died in later years. All of the calves are doing great and are eating solid food.

Did you know?
  • 99% of all dairy farms in the United States are family owned and operated.
  •    Cattle have the same amount of teeth a human has which is 32.
  •    The average lifespan of a cow is 20 years.
  •    Cows can detect smells from 5 miles away.
  •    There are more than 800 breeds of cattle worldwide.