Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Chuch Youth Day Trip

Our church got a new youth minister recently. So far he has had a lot of good ideas like a community garden and such. Another one of his ideas was to take a youth day trip to Waco, Texas. Since it was only a day and we had limited time, we were only able to do a few things. Soon as we arrived in Waco, we went to Fazoli's which is a Italian restaurant that has the best breadsticks ever! We ordered four dozen breadsticks. Then, we drove around mission Waco and past the old fashioned houses to get to the zoo at Cameron Park. I had a great time and it was really fun; I can't wait to go on another church youth gathering soon.

Below is a lion fish

I think that this was a DikDik
A huge, fat rhino

 Then we went and ate at Rudy's And got milkshakes at the Health Camp. Over all, it amounted to one really fun and busy day.