Friday, January 20, 2012

Tyler Pounds Regional Airport and the Historic Aviation Memorial Musem

We went on a TACHE tour to the Tyler Pounds Regional Airport and the Historic Aviation Memorial Museum in Tyler, Texas. First we visited the Airport with the TACHE group and our grandparents. When we went to the airport, we got to see the area where the security checks the luggage. We learned that there is a big machine like a X-ray that scans the items. If there are metal or weapons that are not suppose to be inside the luggage or on the passengers it will be detected. There are rules about liquid items too as they cause safety problems. Next, we had lunch at the Skyline Cafe. The food was great and they have a variety of items on the menu. My granddad had the special which was fried shrimp and my grandmother had a veggie burger. Meanwhile my mom and brother shared a cheese burger with onion rings, I had a hamburger and my sister had chicken tortilla soup.
The manager, Mr. Larry was very accommodating to our group and said his children were home schooled until high school. Finally, we had a wonderful tour of the Aviation Museum. The docents have served in the armed services such as the Vietnam War and World War 2. The museum had a flight simulator which I got to try out a flight simulator is a computer(s) screen set up to re-create aircraft flight and various aspects of the flight environment. It was really fun although I had to land on a taxi way because I missed the runway. The museum has a very large collection of aviation memorabilia spanning from the 20th Century (1900-2000). The museum has it's own hangar which they keep old war planes in. My favorite parts of the museum was the  flight simulator, war planes and the World War 2 area. I really enjoyed learning about the wars the docents were in, too. I had a great time and loved the museum.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

American Freedom Museum

 Friday, my awesome Mom organized a field trip to the  at The Brook Hill School in Bullard Texas. Inside the museum there was a hall of presidents which had a picture of each president, and a signed document of every president. My favorite president in the museum was George Washington because they had a piece of his hair which I thought was neat.  Also, in the museum there was a hall called the Hall of Freedom which had memorabilia of every war. In this hall, it told how each war was started and how the most important battles were fought. I enjoyed seeing the section of the Vietnam war because they had a Huey helicopter inside the museum. They were able to trace the pilot of the helicopter and find out what had happened  to it because there were a few bullet holes inside the Huey.  I was able to see the chair Abraham Lincoln sat on in Congress. I had a great time and am going to go back again. To find more about the museum click here.  

Monday, January 2, 2012

Presents,Presents, and more Presents

    I've been waiting 364 days for Christmas. Finally when it came, I went down stairs, I saw what I have been waiting for.  I got a Lego lighthouse, Lego house,Army helicopter,Army men, books, stationary, life savers, lemon heads chocolate, earphones, a complete Dsi kit, Dsi game, notebooks, and fruit. From my Mom and Dad I got: a model train, books,and a Find It On the Hunt game. My siblings got me a police car Lego and  some Aggie shirts. After we played with our presents, we went to our grandparents to eat lunch and open  more presents I got stamps, cookie cutters, Lego boat,and an Aggie shirt. I also got money from my great grandma and other grandparents.  Next, I got some soap and a bath sponge from my aunt and uncle. Lastly, I got a book gift card from my cousins. Before we left my aunt had got some gingerbread houses for us to decorate it was real fun. I had a good time decorating them and opening presents.  I hope you had a good Christmas too. Although Christmas is very fun we don't just celebrate it for presents. We celebrate it as Jesus our Lord and our Savior's Birthday. 


What my family and I did for Christmas

    For Christmas we went to the NorthPark Mall to see The Trains at Northpark and Arthur Christmas the movie.   Then we went to the Dallas Galleria and saw the big Christmas tree and the ice skaters. I've never ice skated before and wanted to try but we didn't because we were too busy.                      
       The Dallas Galleria is an upscale shopping mall and mixed-use development. It was developed by a long time owner in 1982. The mall is modeled after the Galleria in Houston which opened in 1970. Both Galleria malls have an ice skating rink and a glass vaulted ceiling Today there are over 200 stores and restaurants including a hotel and an ice skating rink in the Dallas Galleria.

 On the way home, we drove past the Neiman Marcus store which is a luxury specialty retail department store. The company is headquartered in the One Marcus Square building in downtown Dallas. The store, established on September 10, 1907 with clothing of a quality that was not commonly found in Texas. In 1914, a fire destroyed the Neiman Marcus store and all of its merchandise. A temporary store was set up and opened in 17 days.  By the end of 1914, Neiman Marcus opened in its new, permanent location.  In 1927 the store expanded.  Every year for Christmas they decorate their windows with unique Christmas decorations.  Here are some of the pictures.

The Trains at NorthPark

   Here is some of what my family and I have been doing for Christmas. 
  We went to see the trains at North Park mall which were very neat to see because they were very detailed and looked real.  I think I enjoyed them the most out of all of my family, since I have always loved trains and have my mom's old train.  My favorite was the Boy Scout train but I also liked the Circus train too.  The trains are the most elaborate toy train exhibit in all of Texas. Best of all it was all non-profit all the money they raised  went to the. As you can see by all the pictures, I had a great time and loved it.