Saturday, February 5, 2011

Snow, Bunnies, Pizza, and Chocolate Cake

I'm really excited about the snow. We got four inches Friday.  I found some really neat tracks in the snow, most were birds and dogs, but I am still trying to identify others. 
Acrostic Poems about Winter...
  S now Angels                                    S nowball fights
  N ipping at your nose                         N eighbors calling to check on each other
  O h, it's cold!                                      O utdoor adventures
  W inter fun                                          W inter Olympics
   I cicles, sharp as a knife                       M mm! Hot Cocoa
  N estling by a fire                                   A picture perfect day
  G ames outside                                       N umbness in your fingers and toes

Our Castor Mini Rex rabbits had babies on January 20th.  The mom only had two babies. They are really getting big now, one is bigger than the other.

Yesterday, I made pizza and a chocolate cake with my Mom, click on the words to check out the recipes.

Talk to you next time...

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