Monday, March 5, 2012

4-H broiler chicks

On leap day my sister and I got 26, one day old broiler chicks.  We had to dip their beaks in water and chick starter feed because they were so young they had not eaten or drank before. Broilers are meat chickens that grow much faster than regular chickens, because they are raised for meat. One of our chicks (band number 32778 ) had a had a problem with it's leg. We could tell it had a problem because the other chicks were picking on it. When we checked on it we found out it had part of the egg sac twisted around its leg. My dad was able to cut off the sac. When the operation was over we put in a separate pen so we could watch it heal and to make sure the other chicks wouldn't pick on it. It has been a few days now and the chick is doing well. He is learning how to walk again and acting like the other chicks.
   When raising chicks, you need to put them in a large box or a container lined with shavings. We are keeping our chicks in a small plastic kiddie pool. Over the container that their staying in, you need to keep a heat lamp on them at 90 degrees and lower the temputre by 5 degrees each week. You should always give them cotstant feed and clean water. Every chick has a silver band on their wing so they can be indentified properly. I hope you learned how to raise broilers.
 My brother Andrew with his favorite chick.

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