Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Chick and Garden Update

I'm writing this post since I promised to keep my blog updated with the chicks and garden growth. My Quail have grown up and have started laying eggs. They have laid almost forty eggs in nine days. I'm hoping to get a incubator and try to hatch some of their eggs.  The broilers are fat and lazy, they have grown a lot. Dad has been butchering some of them and we've been eating them. The Buff Orpington chicks have gotten bigger and have became free range. Our garden is over grown with weeds and has lots of grasshoppers. We've been getting LOTS of squash, a few zucchinis, one cucumber, lots of okra, and about twenty tomatoes. I love having a garden, the produce you get from a garden has lots more flavor than the kind at the store. I would really recommend 
having a garden. 




  1. I like your chickens, my vavorite chickens our leghorns. What is your vavorite chicken

    I have a blog at

    1. Jakob,
      My favorite type of chickens are the Buff Orpington breed. I also like the Ameraucana breed. I really enjoyed your post about your new chickens.
      Thanks for commenting,