Wednesday, October 9, 2013

4 Wheeler

Recently we got a new addition on the farm but this time it wasn't an animal it was an ATV. It was a Kawasaki '96 Bayou to be exact. We got this ATV from some friends who didn't want it anymore. I have always been interested in fixing old vehicles so this project was great for a beginner like me. The friends that we got it from said that it hadn't ran in three years. So we loaded  the ATV up and went to Auto Zone. Luckily, a man that we knew from church worked there and was able to get us fixed up with everything we needed. Before we went home we stopped at a car wash and hosed the ATV down to get all the dirt and spider webs off.

The first thing we did with the ATV besides unloading it and taking the rack and plastic cover off was drain the gas. Then we changed the oil and put a new battery in. After that, we put in a new spark plug, air filter and oil filter. Then we put everything back together and drove around for a test drive. Sadly in the middle of the test drive gas started leaking but we were able to fix it by tightening the gas hose. Beside this incident, all other rides went fine. One of my favorite things about our property is the creeks that run through it. On the smallest creek there is a bridge that is made out of a flatbed trailer. The soil around it is beginning to erode so it was a very interesting experience driving over it. 

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  1. Hi Cristopher,
    Thanks for your help. At first we wer not quite shure that the chicken was eating it's eggs, but later on cot the chicken trying to eat its eggs. I know wich chicken was eating its eggs, but we think its habbits mite have spread. Often in the day we hear squaking and then we go there and everything is fine. I think it would be risky getting new chickens because We dont know if all of the chickens are eating there eggs. I a\have only seen one eat its egg. Thank you for your help.