Monday, December 23, 2013

Caribbean Cruise Day 4

On day four of our cruise we went to Roatan, Honduras. Here we walked around the shopping area and then Dad rented a car to explore the island. We drove around the island and found that beside the expat and tourist spots; Honduras was a beautiful but poor country. During our drive we were turning around in an expat's driveway when a man stepped out of the woods waving a gun and yelling Dad hit the gas and we hurried back to the boat. We ate on the boat and then left to go swimming in the Caribbean Sea. While Laura Ashley and Dad went swimming, Andrew and I went hunting for seashells. I was most excited about a conch shell that still had a crab in it. I was unable to get the crab to show his face, but I was able to get a few pictures. Before I knew it  we had boarded the boat and set sail to  Belize.

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  1. dood so cool how many pretzels did you eat i would have eaten 100000000. mmmmmmm they looked good