Friday, May 2, 2014

4-H District Photography Contest

 At Round-Up this year, I found out how I placed at the 4-H District Photography Contest.
This year the specialty theme was 4-H so I used a picture I had of my sister's team Window Wow display last year. I took a picture of a fire my mom made for the catch-all category. A picture of my chickens in their nesting box was entered in the domestic animal category Orange roses from Fresh won in the Dominant color group. A picture of bread also at Fresh placed in the food category. I entered a picture of a petrified fish in the marine aquatic category to be different than the competition. An owl at the zoo was entered under Night Photography group. Next year if I place 1st with my pictures I will be able to advance to State with them.


  1. hi. i like your petrified fish picture. i saw you on blogs by kids.

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  3. Thank you so much for commenting. I'm glad you like the picture I took. I choose that one for marine aquatic so that it would stand out from the competition. I viewed your blog and really enjoyed your restaurant review(s).
    Thanks again,