Thursday, May 21, 2015

LBJ Presidential Museum

The First Exhibit
When my sister and I went to 4-H Day at the Capitol, my  family decided to make a trip out of it. After, touring the capitol in Austin, we drove into the enemy's headquarters. In the darkness a small light shone, that light happened to be the Lyndon Baines Johnson Presidential Museum.

Lady Bird's Office
When we went, the museum had a seasonal display about the march to Selma in celebration of the civil rights anniversary. The exhibit was educational and had some good pictures, but it was really basic.

 On the 1st floor, there was a time line that went all around the main room, a seasonal display, short movie, gift shop, and an area that showed political cartoons about LBJ's life.
For me, the highlight of the1st floor was the timeline. The time line showed what was going on in LBJ's life as well as what was happening in the world.

On the 2nd floor there was an area were you could listen in on LBJ's phone calls while he was in the office, pictures and short biography of each President and First Lady. A summary of LBJ's accomplishments, and a walk through of what LBJ achieved in office.  My favorite part was the Vietnam war memorabilia because I was able to learn about what caused the war.

The last floor, was mainly about Lady Bird Johnson and their time on the ranch. One of the interesting parts that I enjoyed, was seeing Lady Bird's office. Before she died, she was using the office in her museum to work. When she passed away, everything was left the way it was, which was pretty neat to see. Also, we got to see items that he used to promote his election. One item was a razor with his name on it; LBJ chose this so that men could see his name every morning when they got ready.

Over all, I really enjoyed the museum and would recommend visiting it if you have the opportunity. For me, it wasn't as dated as some of the reviews said and I would give it 8 stars out of 10.

A great video about LBJ'S life.

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