Thursday, April 28, 2011


I have a Collie dog and would like to share a few facts about caring for them:

Collie - Rough

There are two types of Collie fur: smooth and rough - neither needs much work. Rough Collies need brushing once a week. This helps remove mats and loose hair.  A smooth Collie needs less grooming. You also need  to flea comb both types regularly.

Food and Water 
Dogs always need to be able to get fresh, clean water.  Puppies need to be fed a wet and dry food mixed together three to five times a day. An adult needs one to two cups of food. All dogs need bones to help there teeth.

Collies were originally breed for herding sheep and cattle so they like lots of exercise. Collies are very intelligent dogs that thrive for activities and chores. They need to be walked regularly or let outside.                                                          

You can adopt a collie from many different places. Here are a few of the places I know of in Texas, check your area and help give a dog a new home today.  Sometimes they even have cute little guys like these...

 DFW Collie Rescue

Houston Collie Rescue

Texas Collie Rescue

Lots of shelters and groups use to list their available animals

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