Monday, April 18, 2011

Mahatma Gandhi

A report about Mahatma Gandhi

     Mahatma Gandhi was born in India in 1869 and died in 1948. When he was fifteen, he smoked and stole things. After he did this he was sorry and asked his father for a punishment.  But his father didn't punish him. Instead he forgave Gandhi.  Later in his life Gandhi went to England to study law Gandhi's family were of the Hindu religion.  They believe in a false god called Brahman.  Hindus think that part of Brahman is in everyone and is called Atman.  They also believe in reincarnation. When Gandhi returned from England he was thrown off a train because he was an Indian.  After that happened, he started a little town for Indians.  They made all the things they needed.  

India has a lot of salt but India was ruled by England.  The British took all of India's salt and didn't let other people gather the salt, but the British sold it back to Indians at higher prices.  Gandhi led thousands of people in a march to the sea in India and each person took a handful of salt.  The police arrested Gandhi and they took him to jail but they let him out later.  He was awarded Time Magazine Man of the Year in January 1931, mainly for his Declaration of Indian Independence.  

In 1948 he died, after being shot at a prayer meeting.  The assassin said he blamed Gandhi for the division of India.  Everyone did not feel this way, more than half a million people attended his funeral.  I would like to end with a quote by Gandhi, "What I did was a very simple thing, I declared that the British could not oder me around in my own country.''    

This is a picture of Gandhi, with another quote, it says, 
"There is no way to peace, peace is the way."

I am a Baptist, but I feel that Gandhi did a lot of good things.
I hope you enjoy my report.

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