Monday, July 4, 2011


Some friends of ours found a stray goat and they couldn't find it's owner. So they called and offered the goat to us.  Naturally we found a home for it.  That night we kept it in a dog pen and the next morning we built a pen for it.   My goat is a female named Gertie. If you've want to know more about goats here are a few facts. ENJOY !

*Girl goats are called Nannies, boys are Billies and baby goats are called Kids.
*Goats are sociable animals but the Billies fight alot.
* Scrub goats are goats that aren't a certain breed.
* One of the oldest domesticated species is a goat.
* Goats have been used for their milk,meat, and hide.
* Goats have a four-chambered stomach.
* Unlike cows, nannies utters only have two teats.
* Goats likes to eat leaves, weeds and some grasses.
* Goats are good swimmers.
* Most goats live eight to twelve years.

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