Thursday, August 18, 2011

My 1st horse

Look closer, Benny is sticking his tongue.
This is Benny, he's a Welsh Quarter horse and he is around twenty years young. He is very gentle and wants to please. But around food (apples and sweet feed) he tries to chase the donkey away.  He is a pleasure to ride.  I've been riding him in a round pen. So I'm looking forward to ride Benny on our land.

           A few facts about the breed

* Quarter horses got their name because they almost
      always win Quarter mile races.

* The breed started as part Thoroughbred and part
       Chickasaw pony.                                                                                                                                                                                              

* The Thoroughbred equals speed and stamina,while
          the Chickasaw pony is surefooted and a good
              cow pony.                
*The Quarter horse was born for two purposes to
     work & to race.

*  Thoroughbreds almost  put the Quarter horse out
         of racing until Quarter horses came to cattle
          ranching states and the cowboys loved them

* But what about there racing career? Was it
      gone? No!  Cattle men need entertainment too
        so they started rodeos and quarter mile races.

* Some helpful wed sites and books I used are:
Album of Horses By Marguerite Henry

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  1. wow!!!!! i wish i had a horse but i live in a city.