Friday, September 30, 2011

Our poultry pets

As you might know, we are not good at raising fowl (our dogs murdered 21pullets and we had a fowl play with some broilers). But still we came home from an auction with some Buff Orpington chickens.  Since we already had supplies from our old chickens that didn't make it. In case you don't know what kind of things you need for raising chickens it includes: water (they have to drink too), chicken or poultry feed, cage or pen of some sort, food and water dishes, and heat lamps (for in the winter). Oh you will also need chickens! Now back to the chickens, the ones we got were two boys called roosters and four girls a.k.a hens.
                                                    Thats all for the chickens                                                         

 Now I'll tell you about some more of our feathered friends. I'ld like to introduce you to our ducks. We got them from the same lady we got the cows from. But I'm not sure what breed they are. We had fifteen but one of them went missing.  I  have no idea where it went. They are very low maintnence. The only things they need are water such as a pond or a lake(they love to swim). Also, they need feed which is the same kind of feed as the chickens: chicken or poultry feed. That finishes this post up. Thanks for reading.

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