Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Fresh by Brookshires

Portobello  Mushrooms.
Learning about lobsters.

Desserts at the Bakery
Baby bananas.
Flowers in the floral department.

Colored cauliflowers.   
Fresh fish and octopus.

Bread in the Bakery  

Cheese slicer

 My mom scheduled another awesome field trip for TACHE! She had organized a field trip to the new grocery store FRESH. We went to the fruit and vegetable area first.  It was neat because they had all kinds of exotic fruits and vegetables. They had colored cauliflower, all different kinds of mushrooms, live and dried herbs, dragon fruit, lots of root vegetables, mini pineapples and  also miniature bananas. Plus lots of other yummy looking fruits and vegetables.  Second, we looked at the meat and seafood section and they had there own lobster tank and a sushi bar where you could buy prepared sushi. We got to watch the chefs prepare some sushi too. They also had different kinds of whole fish you could buy head and all. In the meat area we got to talk to the butchers. They told how they made their sausages and they made patties with vegetables and cheese in them. At the cheese counter, they had a cheese slicer that I thought was neat because it cut the block of cheese with a thin piece of wire.  The cheesiologist gave lots of different samples of cheese that were good( well most of them).  The cheesiologist let us smell some of the  cheeses. They had a big  cheese wheel from Wisconsin; but now back to the rest of the store. Next we saw the full burrito bar, sandwich bar, and soup and salad bar and where the chefs cooked and prepared dishes that you can buy and take home and microwave. Also the chefs had made bagged meals, you could buy and take home. We went from there to the gelato bar which is an Italian ice cream. Gelato is like regular ice cream or yogurt but it's creamier than ice cream and is healthier. Then the tour guide showed us the tofu isle and the gluten free isle too. Then we got a tour of the bakery. The chefs  had made lots of different breads and desserts for us to sample. We got to sample homemade tortillas that were good but my moms  tortillas are better. We also tried pumpkin bread, baguettes and some homemade peanut butter cups that were great! Next, we got to go to the store room which was fun because we got to go into a giant freezer that was less than 10 degrees. Lastly, we saw the floral department that was interesting because it had different flowers which I had never seen or heard of before. That wraps up the tour. I had an awesome time and would rate it 8 stars out of 10. 
                                               That's all thanks for reading
Patty pan squash.
Dragon tongue beans.

Texas quail eggs.
Cheese isle. 

Stack of cheese.


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