Monday, October 24, 2011

Military Living History Field Trip

replica of a Humvee
My mom is the awesome field trip coordinator for a Christian homeschool group we are in called  Tyler Area Christian Homeschool Educators (TACHE for short).  She had organized a field trip to a ranch owned by Tom Townsend.  Mr. Townsend is an author and a mini cattle rancher; while he also helps supply combat vehicles and artillery for movies.  He had  all kinds of army trucks and jeeps.   When we first got to toy land (that is what he called his ranch) Mr. Townsend was in a metal building that he stored most of his vehicles in he also kept some military equipment there also. He let us look around in the building while we waited for more people to arrive.  Then he told us about each of the  combat vehicles, equipment ,and models. Then at the end we got to ride in a real Diamond Reo 2 1/2 ton truck that had been used during 
World War II.  I had a great time and would recommend it 

Ha Go Japanese Light Tank  

Mini replica of some tanks.

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