Thursday, December 8, 2011

Marie Curie

 Marie Curie

 In school today we have been leaning about Marie Curie. She was a fascinating lady who became a famous scientist who was the first person to discover Radium. Here is the information I learned
about her.                                

       Marie's  Childhood  
   She was born in Warsaw, Poland as the youngest child in the family out of five. Her favorite pastime was books. When her older sister was struggling reading a book Marie took it from her and began reading it. She taught her self  to read when helping her sister pick up a cardboard alphabet. Her parents said she was to young to read since she was four years old. They said her mind would get tired also, they didn't want a child prodigy. Her parents banded her from reading.  She often asked them " May I please read now?" Finally they sent her to school early, she excelled in her lessons and was the smartest in the class. Conquerors in Poland forced the teachers to teach Russian  history but secretly the the teachers taught Poland history instead. One day a  Russian
Inspector came to make sure they were obeying the rules Marie stood up and told all of the answers the Inspector impressed left.

                         Marie's Adulthood
   Marie helped her sister pay to go to the Sorbonne University. Five later her sister did the same for Marie. While at the Sorbonne she often went without  food or sleep. Later she met Pierre Curie who considered  her as a genius and wanted to work with her. They got married had two kids and began to study in a old shed the radioactive materials. In their study's they found radium which they won the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1903. Sadly, in 1906 Pierre tragically died due to a wagon accident. Marie was heart broken and was extremely lonely.  She continued her work and won the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 1911. She passed away in 1934 due to exposure to radium. No one knew how deadly it was back then.



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