Monday, December 5, 2011

Tiger Creek Wildlife Refuge

Recently,my family and I went to a TACHE field trip to the Tiger Creek Wildlife Refuge in Tyler, Texas.  I found out about the refuge when I was studying about Tigers and other big cats a few years ago.  In the book their references told about the Tiger Refuge and where it was. So when we moved closer to Tyler, we visited them and I learned lot of facts about big cats. Since we enjoyed our tour so much, my mom organized a group tour.  The refuge had added several new pens and buildings since we last came. When we got there they split us in two groups. The first group which we were in went to the tiger pens. The pens are chain link but their is a metal fence separating the pen and the walk way. After being showed  the Tigers we got some of our questions answered. They feed them different kinds of meats
when hunters clean out their freezers they donate their leftovers to them, they also get road kill. They received some of the tigers from Michael Jackson and some from the Circus. We changed sides and we got to see Bobcats, Mountain lions and more. Next, we saw future expansion and the lion pens.  I learned that programs introducing  tigers back into the wild aren't working. Also tiger breeding programs haven't been working either. Due to habitat  loss they will come extinct if nothing is not none soon. Here is there website :  I had a great time and loved it.  

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