Friday, March 2, 2012

Game chicks

Guess what's in this picture?   
They were 5 to 6 days old when I got them and only about an inch and a half tall. Now they are 15 days old and have grown an inch. They are very fast growers. In fact, they start laying eggs when there are only 8 weeks old! I got my chicks to show in the 4-H  Henderson County Livestock Show.  These are Jumbo Brown Coturnix quail.  

Quail are game birds. Too show quail, you get 1 male and 3 or 4 female adult quail and put them in a pen together.  The judge will come and  judge them. So they're fairly easy to show. The main work you have to do is keep them fed and watered. You need to keep their pen clean and warm. I work with them daily to get them tame and check their health. We were keeping them in our laundry room but they started to try to fly and jump out. Whenever they got out, they would start cheeping loudly. Now we moved them to a bigger pen in my dad's building.

I will keep putting updates here as they grow.

Huddling together in the box we brought them home in.

Where did everybody go?

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