Monday, December 31, 2012


                                          Merry Christmas

To celebrate this Christmas season we decorated our house for Christmas. Some of my favorite decorations are our ceramic Christmas villages, stockings, and nativity scene. I also really like our Christmas ornaments. This year for the first time we bought a fake Christmas tree from Hobby Lobby.The tree is a nine foot Montana Pine.
On Christmas Eve we open the presents that we got from each other. I got a coupon book for game time, books, and a dice game called Farkle from my little brother. My sister gave me Temple Run the board game ,and candy. From my parents I got the Lego camper, Lego minifigures, Bobwhite quail, books, and an awesome pair of cowboy boots. My favorite thing(s) from my parents would be the Bobwhite quail. I really like the quail because: I can take them to the local livestock show, hatch their eggs in my incubator, and release some of them in the wild. I will keep you updated with the raising of my quail.
Bobwhite quail

The next day we got to see what Santa had brought us. I received more Lego products, a replica of the wild west playset, clothes,candy, and a bunch of other really neat items.

What did you get for Christmas ? Please comment and let me know.


  1. For Christmas I got a arsoft gun, a few arrows for my bow, books, and more. My brother Isaiah got bees! He has a blog at
    I wanted to get a new chicken, but Santa could not bring them in his slay.
    Visit my blog at

    1. Hi Jakob,
      Thanks for commenting.
      What is your brother going to do with his bees? I have always wanted bees, are the hard to care for? I have over fifty chickens but most of the are pullets. I have some hatching right now. All of my chickens are Buff Orpingtons.