Sunday, May 19, 2013


I have skipped Mississippi because we just drove through it and will be telling you about what we did when we reached our destination in Dauphin Bay, Alabama. Mom and Dad had surprised us with a beach house which they had rented out for us called Sunny Pit. The weather was not too sunny but we had a lot of fun. The island had the Gulf of Mexico on one side and the Mississippi Sound on the other. Our house was on the gulf side and the waves were really choppy.

Sunny Pit
Sunny Pit had three bedrooms and two baths; my little brother Andrew and I shared the room below which has the twin beds. The only disadvantage was that we had to bring our own sheets and towels which took up extra room in the car.
guest bedroom 1
The waves

Another thing that we did, was visit the Historic Fort Gaines which was probably one of the most educational war museum which I have ever been to. I loved it because it was really hands on and you could get to explore the old fort that became famous during the civil war. Of course being in the south it was a Confederate fort where the famous words D*** the torpedoes took place. The fort had amazing views of Mobile bay where a famous battle in the civil war was fought. Fort Gaines had underground tunnels, secret rooms, and lots of civil war memorabilia  If you like learning about our country's history you should defintly go. There is a small fee of  around five dollars. To learn more, they have a website here.

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