Monday, August 26, 2013

Snake Suprise

July 11 started as a regular day. I ate breakfast and went to do the pets. I had just finished feeding Tuffy. (That's Andrew's pet Dominique chicken, who fell in the dog pen yesterday. It's okay though.) When I went to open my quail pen to  feed them; I noticed a snake curled around the waterer, and there was  only one quail still alive. I had six quail in the pen and the snake had killed all the hen quail in that pen; two were just laying there dead. There was also a dead Buff Orpington pullet dead on the ground. I ran inside and called Dad at work. He said to try to shoot it or wait until he came home and he would kill it. Naturally, not wanting to put my other poultry at risk, I took my bb gun and fired 15 bbs . I was determined that no snake would steal by poultry without paying for it. Five of them hit him in the head and six went unto his back. When I saw blood leaking out of his head, I went inside the house to wait until the undertaker (dad) to come home from work to remove the dead. Dad said that he was at least seven feet long. Dad hung the snake from a tree and we got a anatomy lesson did you know that snakes only have one lung due to the design of their body?

What is a good way to keep snakes away that won't harm poultry?  

My quail inside of the snake.

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  1. I saw that you were wearing a Texas A&M shirt so I wanted to contact you because I like Texas A&M too. I like the part when you shot the snake with bbs. Did you cut open the snake or did your dad? I just started a blog too.