Monday, January 2, 2012

Presents,Presents, and more Presents

    I've been waiting 364 days for Christmas. Finally when it came, I went down stairs, I saw what I have been waiting for.  I got a Lego lighthouse, Lego house,Army helicopter,Army men, books, stationary, life savers, lemon heads chocolate, earphones, a complete Dsi kit, Dsi game, notebooks, and fruit. From my Mom and Dad I got: a model train, books,and a Find It On the Hunt game. My siblings got me a police car Lego and  some Aggie shirts. After we played with our presents, we went to our grandparents to eat lunch and open  more presents I got stamps, cookie cutters, Lego boat,and an Aggie shirt. I also got money from my great grandma and other grandparents.  Next, I got some soap and a bath sponge from my aunt and uncle. Lastly, I got a book gift card from my cousins. Before we left my aunt had got some gingerbread houses for us to decorate it was real fun. I had a good time decorating them and opening presents.  I hope you had a good Christmas too. Although Christmas is very fun we don't just celebrate it for presents. We celebrate it as Jesus our Lord and our Savior's Birthday. 


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