Monday, January 2, 2012

What my family and I did for Christmas

    For Christmas we went to the NorthPark Mall to see The Trains at Northpark and Arthur Christmas the movie.   Then we went to the Dallas Galleria and saw the big Christmas tree and the ice skaters. I've never ice skated before and wanted to try but we didn't because we were too busy.                      
       The Dallas Galleria is an upscale shopping mall and mixed-use development. It was developed by a long time owner in 1982. The mall is modeled after the Galleria in Houston which opened in 1970. Both Galleria malls have an ice skating rink and a glass vaulted ceiling Today there are over 200 stores and restaurants including a hotel and an ice skating rink in the Dallas Galleria.

 On the way home, we drove past the Neiman Marcus store which is a luxury specialty retail department store. The company is headquartered in the One Marcus Square building in downtown Dallas. The store, established on September 10, 1907 with clothing of a quality that was not commonly found in Texas. In 1914, a fire destroyed the Neiman Marcus store and all of its merchandise. A temporary store was set up and opened in 17 days.  By the end of 1914, Neiman Marcus opened in its new, permanent location.  In 1927 the store expanded.  Every year for Christmas they decorate their windows with unique Christmas decorations.  Here are some of the pictures.

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