Wednesday, January 18, 2012

American Freedom Museum

 Friday, my awesome Mom organized a field trip to the  at The Brook Hill School in Bullard Texas. Inside the museum there was a hall of presidents which had a picture of each president, and a signed document of every president. My favorite president in the museum was George Washington because they had a piece of his hair which I thought was neat.  Also, in the museum there was a hall called the Hall of Freedom which had memorabilia of every war. In this hall, it told how each war was started and how the most important battles were fought. I enjoyed seeing the section of the Vietnam war because they had a Huey helicopter inside the museum. They were able to trace the pilot of the helicopter and find out what had happened  to it because there were a few bullet holes inside the Huey.  I was able to see the chair Abraham Lincoln sat on in Congress. I had a great time and am going to go back again. To find more about the museum click here.  

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