Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Our newest pets

 The newest addition to our farm is four new kittens. We recived these kittens from some good friends of ours. Their names are Smokey, Spot, Indiana Jones, and Callie.

Smokey has a kind, shy personality and loves to play. Smokey's favorite game to play is tag, where he chases Indy and bats him with his paw, then runs up a tree. 

 Indiana Jones is an easy to please, loving, friendly, active, all around cat. He loves to explore, climb trees and play. Indy likes to play fight, where he wrestles and bites the other kittens playfully . 
Indiana Jones 

Spot's personalty is shy and secretive. Spot loves to hide, climb, and explore. He loves to play spy, where he sneaks up on people and kittens. Also he likes to pounce on bugs that he never catches.

Callie is one of the friendlier kittens who will follow you around everywhere. Her pastimes include playing, batting kittens tails, jumping, exploring and chasing things. Her favorite game to play is when you drag a string and she pounces on it.

I hope you've enjoyed hearing about our kittens. 

Callie with Smokey in the background. 



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  1. You have very cute little babies!! :) Callie looks like my cat Anne.:)