Thursday, October 4, 2012


Picture of the hog that Dad shot.
 Today when our dogs started barking, we realized  that they were barking at three feral hogs. Dad ran and got his gun and shot the biggest one twice. Then, he tracked it down and found out that it was a male.
The reason Dad shot it was because that they will tear up our lawn (like last year) and they will eat our chickens. Plus they are very dangerous if you happen to run into them. If you would like to learn more about feral hogs read the following.

A different picture of the hogs on an earlier date. 
Diet: Feral hogs eat nuts, roots, grass, fruits, mushrooms, vegetables  bugs, small birds, rabbits, eggs, and even dead animals.

Size: they can be up to 5 feet long, and weigh 300 pounds.

Hunting Season: There is no hunting season because they are not native to Texas. 

Popularity: Many people don't like feral hogs because they compete with native animals for food. Also, they root up native plants and grasses. 

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