Tuesday, February 26, 2013

4-H Round up

Bobwhite quail

Recently, I placed 1st place at Round up. If you are wondering what Round up is, it is a 4-H contest which is a lot like a talent show. You can also talk about a topic which you are passionate about. This year, I talked about how to raise quail. At the end of my speech, I showed some quail taking a dust bath; this helps get rid of bugs. Now I am able to go to district with this competition. I had great help in preparing the speech. Mom and my great uncle proofread my speech and my dad helped me with my props. Without these peoples' help I wouldn't have done as well.

Helpful tidbits about raising quail;
  • If they fight put a tomato in their pen to distract them.
  • Let them have dirt in pen.
  • Give Bobwhites tall long pen so they can fly.
  • Keep Coturnix quail males away from each other 

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