Sunday, October 2, 2011

The wind in the willows

I've been reading a book lately called the Wind in the Willows.  The book is about a Toad who gets into trouble such as robbing a car, breaking out of prison, he stole a horse and money plus more.  His best friends try to bail him out of all his problems.  The main characters are: Toad, Rat, Mole, and Badger.  This book teaches that his friends still like him even when he's in trouble.  I would rate it eight stars out of ten because it could have been a little more educational.  This book is for you if you like animals or adventure stories.

My Dad had found a real mole on our property and I thought I could share some of the pictures with my viewers.

Here are some fact I learned about moles.
  • Moles  are small  mammals with means they give milk to there young.
  • Moles have soft velvety like fur.
  • Moles have tiny almost invisible ears and eyes they are blind to the light of day but can see underground.
  • They have short but powerful paws made for digging.
  • Moles are found in America, Asia and Europe. 
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  1. I read that book, it's a great story!
    Purple Pixie

  2. Thanks for commenting on my blog.
    What is your favorite part of wind in the willows?
    Mine is when they reclaimed Toad hall. Christopher