Tuesday, July 10, 2012

State Fair of Texas

Even though the State Fair of Texas doesn't start until September 28, I have to already have my show animals that I want to show there so I can work with them and train them. My Dad and I purchased a steer from Dr. Richardson who is a local vet in town and cattle rancher who opens up his clinic for the Vet Shadowing Program. My steer is a Maine-Anjou and a Black Angus crossbred steer. He weighed about four hundred and fifty pounds when I brought him home now he weighs over five hundred pounds.

I feed him ten pounds of show steer feed a day (five pounds in the morning and five pounds in the evenings) from Mill's Feed in Malakoff, Texas. I also give him free choice of minerals and cool, fresh water. Equipment needed to show and raise a steer include the following, a polypropylene work rope, combs and brushes, leather show halter, show stick, feed pan, water bucket, hose, neck rope, show box, hair coat dressing and saddle soap. You will also need a shelter for him to stay in.

I’ve told you how to care for your steer so now I will tell you how to show your steer. Steers are meat animals so they are being judged by their meat quality. First after you lead him around the ring you set your steer up by putting the front feet about two inches apart from each other so they line up with his shoulder blades. Once your steer is placed, make sure your calf is square and have the leg closest to the judge back just a little bit. Then the judge picks out the worst ones after that he keeps eliminating until he finds the top one out of that class. At the end of the show the winners from each class compete until they reach Grand Champion and Reserve Champion.

My 4-H show steer, Champ.

He's a very messy eater and knocks his bucket down sometimes.

Your steer needs plenty of fresh water.

If you are interested in being in the beef project or showing a steer here is a helpful site: http://www.ansci.cornell.edu/extension/beef/beefu9.pdf

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