Tuesday, July 10, 2012

My incubator

My quail chick.
For my birthday I received a circulated air incubator and an egg turner that fits in the incubator. A little later in the day we set the incubator up and we put thirteen duck eggs, three Buff Orpington eggs, two Old English bantam eggs and fourteen Coturnix quail eggs in the incubator. All of the eggs we got from our farm. Yesterday my first quail chick hatched! He is doing well. Right now as I type, another chick is trying to hatch from its egg. It is a slow process as he chips away at the shell.
 These chick's parents are the ones that won Reserve Champion at the fair.I hope to be able to show their chicks at the next fair. All of my quail eggs will have hatched  by the fourteenth of this month.
It's really neat to see the quail hatch and it's a great
reminder of how amazing God is.

Quail's eggs

Duck's eggs


  1. That sounds so fun! When do you think the buff orpington eggs will hatch, or have they hatched? Do you know if the bufforpington is a rooster or a hen? You asked me what I do with my chickens, this is what I do- collect eggs and make compost.

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    1. Hi Jakob,

      My Buff Opington eggs didn't hatch because they weren't fertile . If they were fertile they would take about 21 days to hatch. Where did you get your chickens? With my chickens, I incubate some of their eggs, gather eggs and show them through 4-H. With my show chickens I won a Reserve Champion belt buckle.

      Thanks for commenting,