Thursday, July 19, 2012


Friday, we took a short day trip to"The Buckle of the Bible Belt" city more commonly  known as Waco. The first thing we did while we were there was go to the Cameron Park Zoo which I had read about in one of my   animal magazines for having a great reptile habitat. It was also one of the first zoos that started having natural habitats for the animals.  The zoo is on 52 acres near the Brazos river. The Cameron Park Zoo has a big Aquarium that has all kinds of fish and a special tank of fish that can be found in the nearby Brazos river. Also, they have animal exhibits from North and South America, Africa, Asia and Europe. Also, the zoo had a night exhibit where there were all kinds of owls, a pair of raccoon, a pair of skunks, a pair of porcupines, and fruit bats. The owls that were there are Barn owls, Great Horned owls, Barred owls, and Screech owls.    Besides the Caldwell zoo in Tyler, this zoo is my favorite. Each of us had our favorite animals: Andrew's was the snakes and the bats, Mom loved  the bears;  Laura Ashley adored the big cats, I enjoyed seeing the leopards and the giraffes, and Dad liked the owls best. 

Then we went to the Baylor Heath Camp and ate hamburgers and onion rings for lunch.
When we were done eating lunch,we went to the Mayborn Museum Complex on the Baylor campus. The museum was really fascinating. It was divided into three parts; downstairs which was the main part of the museum and the natural science part, second was the traveling exhibit about the Maya culture, and  third is the upstairs which is more hands-on.  My favorite area was the downstairs because it had allot of  unique items found in nature such as an octopus, whale skull, monkey skeleton, pangolin, mammoth head, and a stuffed sloth. Not to mention the neat, old timey medicenes, skeleton of a relative to a turtle and tons more. My favorite part of the upstairs would be the bubble room

I loved this this museum and I would give five stars out of five. 
I'll post more pictures later of the trip.


Baylor health camp picture taken frrom here,%252520Waco.jpg&w=640&h=480&ei=uWYIUPynOYfC2QW-z-DxBQ&zoom=1

Mayborn museum picture taken from here:

zoo pic taken from here:

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