Thursday, November 8, 2012

Halloween at the Hatchery

For Halloween my family and I volunteered with our county's 4-H to pass out candy at the  Halloween at the Hatchery. Halloween at the Hatchery is where organizations can pass out information about their organization and candy for trick or treating children who come through the fish hatchery for candy. This year 4-H decided to dress up animals that you can show in 4-H. This idea was a big success. My family brought three of our Buff Orpington chickens to be the Dixie chicks and two of our rabbits. The rabbits were called Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood they of course were named by Laura Ashley, my sister. We had a great turn out, and had to leave because we ran out of candy half way through. It was really fun getting to  pass out candy to all of the trick or treaters.

Also, for Halloween my family and I volunteered at our church's Hallelujah Festival. Our church had bounce houses, a cake walk, free food, candy, face painting and a lot more activities for trick or treaters when they came in. I worked the punch and tea booth along with our deacon. Mom and Andrew, my brother worked the cake walk while  Dad and Laura Ashley monitored the bounce houses. Our church had a lot of kids with their parents come so we had a good turn out.  The Hallelujah Festival was also lots of fun helping with too.   

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