Wednesday, November 14, 2012

New Arrivals

My incubator was one of the best Birthday presents I have ever received, with this present I have hatched over fifty quail and chicken chicks in less than six months. I have been very blessed for almost all have been healthy. Every time a chick hatches it’s a wonderful reminder of God's amazing abilities. Yesterday evening and this morning eighteen Buff Orpington chicks have hatched out of their eggs. Over all I have hatched twenty eight chicks of this breed.  If you would like to learn about this  breed read on: 

  • The Buff Orpingtons are one of the best egg laying breed of chicken.
  • A breed called the Lavender Orpington lays lavender colored eggs.
  • They were named after Orpington, England.
  • They are one of the most docile breeds of chickens.
  • Because of their build they do fairly well in very cold climates.
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  1. very cute! :) I have an incubator, and we just hatched 12 Indian Runner ducklings and sold the last 6 yesterday! :)


    1. Chantelle,
      Thanks so much for commenting. We have ducks too but they have not hatched well. Do you have any tips on hatching ducks? Also, how much did you sale your ducklings for?

    2. About ducks, I'm afraid I don't really have any tips. The first lot we hatched, which we kept, we got 5 out of 12, the second lot we gave to a friend and we got 10 out of 24. Those were both from the same breeder, but as we have 2 drakes and 2 ducks from the 5 we kept, we just put 15 of out eggs in and got 12, which we sold for $15 each, and then we had 6 left that wouldn't sell, so we sold them for $10 each. We did have a hen that sat on some eggs once, and she got off them a couple of times and the ducks got in and messed the nest around, and then we put them in the incubator and we surprisingly got the best hatch rate we have ever had (I don't remember how many)! We think that maybe the incubator 'pampers' the eggs too much, which is why you don't always get a good hatch rate.

      Sorry! That turned out really long, and I don't think I was much help!


  2. I love your buff orpingtons! We got a new buff orpington. It looks just like yours, but bigger. I have a post about our new chickens. We also got a wyandotte! Do you have any wyandottes? Ours is gold laced. Our old buff orpington died, and so did our barred rock. We got the buff orpington and the wyandotte to replace our old chickens that died. I agree that buff orpingtons lay great eggs.

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