Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Yesterday when we purchasing cages for my quail, my wonderful Mom was able to get this bunny free with the purchase of the cages. he is a male of the Mini Rex breed. Mom decided to name this rabbit Velvet because his fur was so soft. Recalling the moment she said,"I felt sorry for him because he was all alone. I really liked Velvet because he was so soft and handsome. Also, I wanted Christopher to be able to show Velvet at the local livestock show."

If you are wanting to know how to show breeding  rabbits, hear is how. First make sure you are registered.  When you get to the show with you rabbits, make sure you bring everything you need to make to them comfortable. You will be able to put your rabbits in pens provided by the fair grounds. In most shows you leave your rabbits at the fair grounds until the judging starts. Most of the time the rabbits have to stay over night.  When the judging starts, you have to wait until your rabbit's breed, gender and age is called. For an example, if I was a showing Velvet, I would wait until the judge or his helper called out; Senior male Mini Rexes. Then, I would take him up to the rabbit judging boxes and place him inside on of the boxes. Next, the judge would go and take velvet out of the box and position  him so that he would look like half of a basket ball. While he is judging him he will ask me questions such as how old the rabbit is and how many teeth a rabbit has. After that, the judge will look at the other rabbits and will come back to your rabbit again to compare him with the others. Lastly, the judge will hand out participant ribbons all the way up to first place. If your rabbit places first it will compete with the other breeds of rabbits there. Hopefully your rabbit will get a grand or reserve grand champion ribbon or belt buckle.
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Rabbit judging boxes.

Picture taken  of the rabbit judging boxes here: http://texasangorablog.blogspot.com/2009_02_01_archive.html

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  1. Velvet is a very cute rabbit! I have tiny white with a little brown, Netherland dwarf who is right now up on the sofa demanding pats! :) We also have lots of other animals.