Wednesday, April 10, 2013


The proud parents
My Anatidae Anseriformes have started laying eggs. (In common language Anatidae Anseriformes means ducks). My incubator has been the one of the best presents I have ever received. After twenty eight long days my duck eggs have started to hatch. So far I have hatched seven with more on the way.

During this time of the year feed stores start selling chicks and ducklings. If you want to buy make sure to do your research.
Find out what you will need when taking them home. Items include, heat lamp, feed, water, a place to keep them, and feeders and waterier.
I keep a little tub of water in their pen so that they can practice swimming.
 Make sure that it is okay with your parents before purchasing any ducklings. Also, keep them away from your pets so that they don't get eaten.

 Lastly, make sure that you play with your chicks so that they don't be afraid of you when they get big.


  1. Hello,
    That is exciting! What color are their eggs?
    Did you know I got 2 new chickens? We got an ameracauna and a black french chicken.

  2. my duck's eggs are dirty white. No, I did not know that you got two new chickens. Where did you purchase them?