Thursday, April 25, 2013

Twelve Mighty Orpans

I   heard of this book on a list of books to read, and told my Mom about it;  being the wonderful Mom that she is, she found out that the author was coming to the community college in town. So, yesterday we read to chapter eleven and got the book signed by the author, who is Mr. Jim Dent. Mr. Dent wrote this book because he was watching TV and saw the reporter on ESPN talking to Hardy Brown. The reporter asked him if he thought there was a football  player that was tougher than him. He answered  "No, unless he came from the home". Naturally, this got the author more interested and he went to his computer and found that the "home" was the Masonic home for children. Immediately he drove there, to only find it closed for the night. He slept in the car until morning. When he awoke he saw a police officer in a small shack near the entrance of the home. Mr. Dent told the officer who he was and found out that the home had closed. Luckily, the superintendent was still there, getting ready to leave the next day. By talking to the woman, he found out a lot of information about the orphanage. He found out that a man named Rusty Russell  had came and coached a football team there which was called the Masonic home Mighty Mites. When Rusty came they didn't even have a football!! The lady also gave Mr. Dent the names of some of the people that had been on the team or their grandchildren's addresses. Using this information he wrote the book in six months. When he was almost done, the daughter of an elderly Mighty Mite came to him. She told Mr. Dent her father was dying, and wanted to know if  there any way she could get a copy of the book. He was able to the first copy and give it to her. She read it to her dad in the nursing home;it took her three days, on the fourth day he died.   The book is really good but I would rate it PG because there is violence and bad words. I would definitely recommend this book to you if you like football.
 I like this book because it talks about perseverance, overcoming the great depression, and building character.

My favorite parts were when Rusty Russell first came and helped get a actual football team ready. At first, they had to use a baking powder can as a football.  At the first game they went to, Mr. Russell asked the coach of the home team if, by any chance they won. could they could keep the ball? They won.
 I also liked when they found Mighty Duck , the team's mascot, and took him to all of the games until their team lost. Then,when they lost they ate the duck. :(

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